To be a carlisle stylist

The Carlisle stylist is a confident woman who sets her own hours, chooses where she works and determines how far she takes her success. This business opportunity is totally unique, as it offers total flexibility. You can make the job whatever you want: from a super-easy way to earn extra cash with our substantial commissions, to a path to realizing your wildest ambitions. Along the way, you’ll build a new network of satisfied clients, loyal friends and supportive colleagues.

Our opportunities

We offer two avenues to the same goal: you can either become a Digital Stylist or a Trunk Show Stylist. However, you choose to sell Carlisle fashions, you’ll be trained thoroughly by experts. You’ll learn how to excite other women about the benefits of looking great with your professional styling advice. As you build your business, you’ll grow both your creativity and your marketing skills — all while meeting amazing new friends. What could be better than that?

Become a Traditional Stylist

Sell each season of new styles with a complete set of samples in the privacy of your home or one of our showrooms. Your client enjoys the personal service of a one-on-one shopping spree. You enjoy the satisfaction and financial rewards of helping someone find her style.

Become a Digital Stylist

Today’s digital selling couldn’t be easier. Whether you use a tablet, computer or phone to show the collections, you’ll be amazed how easy and fun your work hours become. We provide all the digital tools you’ll need to take your online business into the stratosphere.


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